You know those little arrows and airplanes folks use when they check in on Facebook at the airport, showing you their hops through time and space?

My brain did some pretty big traveling last week, and I want to share it because it’s so reflective of us, of the clients and friends we try to draw, and of our whole approach to wedding design and planning. So…will you go on this little journey with me?

It looks something like this: Ashlyn Carter + Stacey Holbrook Stephens @ Leon’s Full Service = Being Boss  —> “being in vs. working on” and “Hell Yeah vs. F*%$ No” + #tribe = YOU.


Girl Dates FTW

Last week, I had a sweet little apres work girl date with Ashlyn Carter, calligrapher and copywriter extraordinaire, and Stacey Holbrook Stephens, invitation swami. Over divine cocktails (one Neon Blonde for me, pretty please) and house-made ricotta, we played the best ever game of ping-pong, bouncing ideas, feedback, inspiration, and advice across the table. One of the things that really got me buzzing was Ashlyn and Stacey’s insistence that I immediately download the latest Being Boss podcast, which I did right at the table.

On the way home that night, I sped through the first podcast – quite literally, since I heeded Ashlyn’s genius suggestion to set that sucker to play at 1.5x the normal speed. Genius! (Adam disagrees, and prefers the regular speed. Upshot: With us as your planners, you get my “Go-go-go!” and his “Smell the roses.” Best of both worlds!) Anyway, so I listened to one…and then another…and then another.

In those three sessions, three pearls stuck with me:

  • If it’s not ‘hell yes,’ then it’s ‘f*** no’.
  • You only have room in your brain for 150 people at a time, and only 5-10 of them are in your ‘inner circle.’ Those 5 folks are people you share your work with, whose opinions you trust. They’re your #tribe.
  • There’s a difference between ‘being in’ something and ‘working on’ it.

What’s It Mean For You?

Obviously, a ton of that advice pertains to running a business, but anytime I’m growing, learning, and studying, I’m always focused on how to bring it back around for our clients. How does it benefit you? How does it make us better planners, and how can it make the process not just stress-free, but fun for our couples? How can it help make your wedding day everything you dreamed it would be – and more?

Well, here’s how! {This is where Facebook arrows would be pointing back home.}

  • Wedding planning, from palettes to picking your photographer, can seem like an endless stream of decisions, and many couples end up suffering from analysis paralysis. We’re here to help, of course, but it’s your vision we want to bring to life! It can really help to simplify the process by focusing on the Hell Yeah. If it doesn’t make your heart sing…if it doesn’t bring tears to your eyes…if it doesn’t give you the “can’t wait” butterflies you felt on your first dates with your honey…if it doesn’t really ring true to who you are as a couple…then the answer is simple: F*%$ no. Now, we aren’t saying that your wedding event shouldn’t include some “must haves” from your nearest and dearest, which brings us to…
  • You gotta pick your #tribe. The earlier you can do this in your planning process, the better. These people’s opinions matter to you. You trust not only their judgment, but the fact that they have your best interests at heart. You care what they have to say and what they think. You know they’ll help you celebrate your future marriage with oomph and gusto. Most couples know – or hear from others very quickly – that you can’t make everyone happy while you’re planning a wedding, but that guilt can be hard to shake. Having a pre-determined group of folks who get to weigh in can go a long way.
  • Lastly – but not leastly! – it’s so important that you keep sight of being in the process of planning your wedding, not just working on it. Both are important! Don’t get us wrong: there’s sh$% that has to get done, and sometimes it’s a matter of just whittling down that task list. But can you take a quick second to read over each name on your 150-person list and get excited about how their hugs will feel on your wedding day instead of just feeling frustrated that you’re missing 10 addresses for the stationer? That’s being in it. Can you picture actually using that KitchenAid to make brownies for your first dinner party in the new pad, instead of just run-by scanning it at the Bloomie’s registry department? That’s being in it.

Our whole mission is to help you simplify the process, so that two things happen: First, you get a wedding day that’s truly YOU, visually speaking. And second, getting to that day is as easy (almost) as a Facebook airport check-in.



Want to know more about the shout-outs in this post? #BusinessCrushes below.

Ashlyn S. Carter

Stacey Holbrook Design

Leon’s Full Service restaurant

Being Boss podcast


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