Husband and Wife Team

We are Adam and Melissa Schmidt. We’re pleased to tell you a little of our story, and we hope we’ll get to learn yours.

Adam is a native Atlantan who took a little Charleston sojourn; Melissa is Texas-born, Florida-bred, Georgian-by- grace.


As a husband-and- wife team, we bring a unique, well-rounded perspective to designing and coordinating your event.


Melissa brings a naturally creative personality and an incredible eye for organizing the details of a large event, while Adam brings a reassuring, calm demeanor and refreshing ability to see the forest for the trees.

We share with each other – and with our clients - a true, deep gratitude for family and friends, so we live for the moments (both big and small) that give us, and you, a chance to celebrate the wonder of love.

What's in a Name?

eMBee started, as you might have guessed, with the initials M and B: Melissa’s first and middle names. (The “B” is for Beth.) The name is so much more than that, though. Melissa means “honey bee” in Greek; the bee is an incredibly social creature, living in a harmonious, efficient community that depends completely on teamwork.

The bee’s honeycombs are 6-sided, and 6 is the sacred number in Greek mythology of Venus, the goddess of love.

Most meaningfully for us, “MB” also stands for My Beloved, recalling a passage that was such an important part of our own wedding ceremony:

“I am my beloveds, and my beloved is mine.”

-Song of Solomon 6:3

The name truly reflects our priorities at eMBee events: the sweetness of love, the joys of teamwork in bringing a shared vision to life, and the excitement of social celebration.

Our Inspiration

Think about the last really wonderful party you attended: the one you still talk about with your friends; the one that makes you smile to remember it; the one that left you feeling content, energized, and inspired. What made it so fantastic?

It wasn’t about what you ate (although the food was divine); it wasn’t about your place setting (although the mix-and-match china was beautiful); it wasn’t about the wine (although it was perfectly paired and delicious); it wasn’t about the music (although it was nostalgic and fun).

Instead, it was about how all of those pretty details – the ones the host worked so hard to make personal and memorable – made you feel.

That magic is our “Why.” Let us help you make it.

Their Favorite Parts of the Wedding Day

Signing the Ketubah

The First Look

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